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Pullman Arms License to Carry

Pullman Arms Firearms Safety Course

This is a non-live fire approved course by the state of Massachusetts. A comprehensive, four hour course held in a safe classroom learning environment to ensure all students can effectively demonstrate the knowledge, skill and attitude related to firearms.

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Pullman Arms is pleased to introduce The BodMod(TM) a Pullman Arms exclusive. The Smith & Wesson Bodyguard 380 is great compact conceal-carry handgun in need of a little sculpting. We take the hard edges off the stainless steel slide. This makes it a little more carry friendly, leaving less of a pocket imprint. The BodMod(TM) also makes it easier to get in and out of a holster. The result is not only functional but it’s aesthetically pleasing. To get your Boydyguard 380 modified to BodMod(TM). Call the office for shipping details. 508.926.8730


Why Bodyguard™?

Testimonial - BodyGuard™ 380 BodMod™


“Scott, I am extremely happy with the BodMod™ on my S&W 380 Bodyguard. Instead of the clunky manufacturer’s profile it now has the look of a jeweler’s masterpiece. The turnaround on the modification was also outstanding… Less than a week. The modification is also functional since it holsters smoother and is less likely to get caught on clothing in conceal carry situations. I highly recommend Pullman Arms for the Bodyguard BodMod. Hats off to Scott and the rest of the crew for excellent service and superb craftsmanship.”

Jim Galaszewski Waukesha, WI