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Tuesday - Friday 9:00-4:30  **Change of Hours**

Gunsmith  Monday - Friday 9:00-4:30  **Change of Hours**



Thank you!

The entire Pullman Arms family thanks ALL OF YOU for your support! It has meant so much to all of us to have met and served all of you. We are very much hoping that you'll continue to work with us for all of your special firearms orders, gun mithing projects, firearms transfers, custom orders, etc. We are looking forward to serving you again!


**Direct Firearm Sales  please call  508.926.8730

**Walk In to the store TUES-FRI 9:00-4:30 **Change of Hours**

**Call 508.926.8730

**Email    pullman@microarcwelding.com

**Gunsmith Email gunsmith@microarcwelding.com

**Social Media: Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.


Pullman Arms offers the following services

• Gunsmithing • Customer Firearms Orders • Cerakote Services • Transfers • Custom slide/porting work • LTC Classes

Dan Harvey our Lead Gunsmith can be contacted through email at gunsmithing@pullmanarms.com or by calling (508) 926-8730. Gunsmithing hours of operation are

**Change of Hours** Monday - Friday 9:00-4:30  we encourage you to come in anytime and speak with Dan about your project!

All in-state and out of state transfers will be $20 cash or $35 credit cards.

We are still staying involved in the lawsuit, we will continue to fight for our 2nd amendment rights.


Pullman Arms License to Carry

Pullman Arms Firearms Safety Course

This is a non-live fire approved course by the state of Massachusetts. A comprehensive, four hour course held in a safe classroom learning environment to ensure all students can effectively demonstrate the knowledge, skill and attitude related to firearms.

Click here for more information!

The Pullman Arms Custom Bottle Stopper

The Pullman Arms Bottle Stopper™, designed by Scott and manufactured in the USA, this is a one of a kind item guaranteed to keep your wine fresh and your conversations lively. Created using a Genuine Crush Washer A2 Flash Hider and an FDA approved rubber O-Ring wrapped 304 Stainless Steel Turned Bullet.

$28.97  plus tax includes a custom gift box. (Massachusetts Compliant!)

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Contact Info

STORE & GUNSMITHING: 508.926.8730

Store Email:   pullman@microarcwelding.com

Gun smith Email: gunsmith@microarcwelding.com


Pullman Arms is pleased to introduce The BodMod(TM) a Pullman Arms exclusive. The Smith & Wesson Bodyguard 380 is great compact conceal-carry handgun in need of a little sculpting. We take the hard edges off the stainless steel slide. This makes it a little more carry friendly, leaving less of a pocket imprint. The BodMod(TM) also makes it easier to get in and out of a holster. The result is not only functional but it’s aesthetically pleasing. To get your Boydyguard 380 modified to BodMod(TM). Call the office for shipping details. 508.926.8730


Why Bodyguard™?

Testimonial - BodyGuard™ 380 BodMod™


“Scott, I am extremely happy with the BodMod™ on my S&W 380 Bodyguard. Instead of the clunky manufacturer’s profile it now has the look of a jeweler’s masterpiece. The turnaround on the modification was also outstanding… Less than a week. The modification is also functional since it holsters smoother and is less likely to get caught on clothing in conceal carry situations. I highly recommend Pullman Arms for the Bodyguard BodMod. Hats off to Scott and the rest of the crew for excellent service and superb craftsmanship.”

Jim Galaszewski Waukesha, WI