Customer Testimonial

“The Auburn Sportsmans Club has been doing business with Pullman Arms for over 2 years now.  Pullman Arms is our “go to” for both, trap shells as well as rifle and pistol ammunition for our many educational courses.  The Auburn Sportsmans Club is committed to firearm safety,  education and the preservation of second amendment rights.  Our trap range is over water so we shoot steel shot which, like most ammunition can be difficult to buy in large quantities.  Scott and Alicia go out of their way to work with us, meet our deadlines and provide competitive pricing.”

Cheryl Baribeault, ASC Trap Committee


“Pullman Arms, in my opinion, is the gold standard for firearms sales and service.  Their gunsmith work has been deft with my finicky .32 auto.  More importantly, Pullman Arms’ staff do what they say they will do – commitments kept – period.  Thank you to all the folks at Pullman Arms.”

David Everett Dickman


Hi Guys! I was in today to pick up the Ruger Super Redhawk Alaskan. Between happiness, excitement and utter fear of the unknown, I rudely forgot to properly thank you for holding it for me. With no deposit and the offer to hold it for 10 plus days, especially with me being a first time customer at your store and another customer inquiring about it, that was a HUGE thing to do. In my mind, that type of true-to-your-word service cannot be beat! And that is why I’ll be visiting you guys again for ammo and such. THANK YOU SO MUCH! As a side note, I took it to the range and it was awesome, recoil wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought – beautiful powerhouse and I’m thrilled with it. Thanks again 🙂


Samantha Chatterton


“Scott, I am extremely happy with the BodMod on my S&W 380 Bodyguard. Instead of the clunky manufacturer’s  profile it now has the look of a jeweler’s masterpiece. The turnaround on the modification was also outstanding… Less than a week. The modification is also functional since it holsters smoother and is less likely to get caught on clothing in conceal carry situations. I highly recommend Pullman Arms for the Bodyguard BodMod.
Hats off to Scott and the rest of the crew for excellent service and superb craftsmanship.”

Jim Galaszewski
Waukesha, WI


To Whom it May Concern,
I was in your shop with my husband last Friday to purchase a handgun. We were helped by Paul and Connor. Both gentlemen were extremely helpful; offering advice and knowledge as well as answering our many questions.
Great customer service is invaluable and what makes me want to continue to shop where it is found. Thank you for the great service! We will definitely continue to patronize your store because of it!!!
Thank you,
Robin Springfield