Gunsmithing Services

Pullman Arms specializes in the highest quality Gunsmithing and Firearm restoration. A trusted source for building and repairing guns of all sorts. With a full machine shop and gunsmith facility on the premises, we provide a long list of services, from trigger work to AR MA compliant and everything in between.

Do you need a firearm repaired? A gun built to your custom specifications? An old firearms you thought could never be fixed?

There is no job or custom project that is too complex for us.

Ultra precise micro welding repairs made to all gun parts.

If you have a modern or antique firearm with a broken part,maybe we can help. Our micro welders have almost thirty years experience in the field.This gives us the ability to repair many hard to find parts or very expensive ones. If you have any questions or would like to try our service please call Dan @ 508-926-8730.

Dan Harvey- Lead Gunsmith
(508) 926-8730

GLOCK Certified Armorer

Hours: Monday - Friday 8:30am- 4:30pm








Take a look at some of the projects we have worked on recently!

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