BODYGUARD 380 BODMOD body modification Less pocket imprint, easier to holster, sleeker, lighter $75 a Pullman Arms Exclusive

Pullman Arms is pleased to introduce The BodMod(TM) a Pullman Arms exclusive. The Smith & Wesson Bodyguard 380 is great compact conceal-carry handgun in need of a little sculpting. We take the hard edges off the stainless steel slide. This makes it a little more carry friendly, leaving less of a pocket imprint. The BodMod(TM) also makes it easier to get in and out of a holster. The result is not only functional but it’s aesthetically pleasing. To get your Boydyguard 380 modified to BodMod(TM). Call the office for shipping details. 508.926.8730



$75 with the purchase of a new Body Guard380 or if you purchased your existing BG380 from Pullman Arms.

$125 to modify your existing non Pullman Arms Body Guard380

Please!!! Only send us your slide. Play this video for details on dis assembly.

Play video on how the BODMOD is done.