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Charter Arms Lavender Lady 38sp Revolver  $350







CONSIGNMENTS (accepting offers)

*Winchester Model 70, 300Wby Mag, XTR Sporter 28B, w/ Leupold Vari-X 4.5x14  $600 (no sales tax)

*Browning Sweet 16 16G 28B Full choke Bushnell 1.5-4x Scope Weaver mounts Lightly used $650 (offers accepted) (no sales tax)

*Smith & Wesson 9 SD9VE, 4B, 2Mags, 1 box Blazer 9mm ammo, 1 Holster, 1 Mag carrier and original box.  Excellent condition, never shot $375 (offers accepted) (no sales tax)





Winchester 20g,Hex steel shot,3in 1300 velocity,1 1/16 oz 2 shot

Magnum Blend 20g, 3 in, 1 ¼ oz 5,6,7 blend shot size, 1200 fps

Nitro Company 12G, 3 in turkey load, 2oz 4x5x6 hevi-shot

Winchester 12g, High density turkey load,3 in,1225 velocity
1 ¾ oz, 4 shot

Barnes 270 WIN,130 gr, Tipped tsx by

Weatherby .270 wby mag, 140 grain, Nosler ballistic tip

Weatherby .270 wby mag, 150 grain, Spire point 

Weatherby .270 wby mag, 130 grain, Spire point

Weatherby .257 wby mag,100 grain,Spire point

Ted Nugent .270 win, 140 grain, Barnes TSX BT

Magtech 32 S&WL,98 grain

Federal 32 S&WL, 98Gr ,Lead wadcutter

PPU 32 S&WL,98Gr, LRN

Remington 38short colt, 125g lead RN, target

Remington 300 Rem SA ultra mag, 165g, corelokt psp

Winchester 460 SWmag, 250g, JHP, Reduced recoil

Barnes 7mm-08 rem, 120 grain, Tipped TSX BT

Remington 7mm rem mag, 150 grain core-lokt psp

Hornady Custom Lite 30-30 Win, Reduced recoil, 150 grain rn


CCI Magnum Primers, Large Pistol Primers #350 100Primers $1.99/box

CCI Magnum Primers, Large Rifle Primers #250 100Primers $1.99/box

CCI Small Rifle Primers, #400 100Primers  $1.99/box

Remington No6 ½ Small RiflePrimers 100Primers  $1.99/box



Winchester Primers for Shotshels W209  $1.99/box