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Pullman Arms Customer Review • Pullman Brand Ammo

Alicia gave me a box of your 9mm target ammo to try out.

Here is my evaluation: 

I weighted each round and found that they differed by only a few hundredths of a grain from round to round. I then took them to an indoor range and set up at 15 yards and put the ammo through a S&W, M&P 9mm and a M&Pc. I found the ammo to be very consistent, with my best groups, free standing and slow controlled fire at just under an inch. I did this twice with both guns. I am willing to bet that if I had 500-1000 rounds of this ammo to practice with I would be able to call most shots with confidence.

Otherwise the groups would open up, but I am sure, that was due to the shooter, Overall the ammo was fairly clean burning and didn't leave any unexpected fouling within the guns. 

I like the stuff! Good practice ammo, from my brief exposure to it. Would like to do, or hear more evaluations about the ammo and see what it prints at different distances. But for now, when I am short on ammo and need something quick, I know where I can go to pick up some decent rounds to practice with! Thanks for the opportunity to try this out. 

Continually impressed with what Pull Arms is doing to keep our shooting community in Massachusetts active, safe and valued, Thanks again! 

Greg Davis